Ian Davenport has more than
20 years experience of Commodity
and Specialty Chemicals with Dow Chemical and other Global Companies. Ian founded Davenport International Associates LLC in 2005.  He is also a GLG Leader, an Advisor to MTN Capital Partners LLC and Advisor to Polykem SARL.

Roles include Global Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Financial Evaluation, and General Management.

Mr. Davenport holds a BA & MA in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University.

Achievements include:

   major business turnarounds

   major sales contracts with
consumer product companies globally

   restructuring of distributor agreements globally

   repeated success in new business development commercialization of new products in existing and new markets


Davenport International Associates LLC  :  New York, New York
Phone: 917 605 1174 : Fax: 815 331 0935
info@idavenport.com : Twitter:  @IanMDavenport.com