(a)   Outlook 2015 - Athens*

“Will alternative absorbent polymers ever be Super for use in hygiene?’

(b)    Insight 2014* Indianapolis – Peering Through the Fog, a personal view of some patent issues related to SAP”

(c)   Insight 2013* – The Missing SAP Story - Why Hasn't the Word Missed the Biggest Global Producer?

(d)   Insight 2012* – "SAP - Will New Producers Change the Game?" 

(e)   1st Asia Pacific Nonwovens Symposium 2013  –  "When less is more  –  how do trends in key raw materials enable thinner, more discreet diapers?"

AP NW Shanghai Oct 22nd 2013

(f)   Insight 2011* – What a difference a year makes….or does it?

(g)   CNHPE – Xiamen 2011



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         copyright owner Marketing Technology Service, Inc.


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