Cater to Clients
   Major Chemical Companies
   Global Consumer Product Companies
   Private Equity Firms
   Portfolio Managers

Support Businesses
   Acrylic Acid & Esters (AA/ AE)
   Superabsorbent Polymers (SAP)
   Coatings and Adhesives
   Hygiene and Disposable Paper

   Emulsion Polymers
   Water Soluble Polymers
   Ingredients for Food, Personal Care, &

Accomplish Goals
   Strategic Options for Clients Businesses
   New Business Development Strategies
     & Plans
   New Purchasing & Supplier Strategies
   Interim Management
   Competitive Intelligence and
     Competitive Evaluation

   M&A Support
   Reviews of Industrial Logic
   Marketing Strategies
   Business Intelligence Customized to
     Your Needs

   Market Studies
   Demand Forecasting and Supply

   Your Project

Case Studies


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